Old woman says she died and went to heaven… and hell

Charlotte Holmes was undergoing a routine checkup with her cardiologist in 2019 when her blood pressure suddenly rose, prompting her to be admitted immediately because she could have another stroke or heart attack with her condition. Later, the medical authorities took care of her to lower her blood pressure.

Her husband, Danny, who was in her hospital room while the doctors and nurses were treating her, suddenly overheard Charlotte talking about flowers when there were no flowers in her room. Then Charlotte’s heart stopped and she died clinically for 11 minutes.

While this was happening in the hospital room, Charlotte’s spirit had already rendered her body lifeless, and she could see above that room, being guided by angels to heaven.

“Everything in heaven worships God. I cannot convey to you what the heaven was like because it is far above what we can imagine a million times. There is no fear. It’s like pure joy”, she described seeing flowers and herbs swaying to the music.

In addition, Charlotte tells that she saw dead relatives in the heaven, and behind them there was a bright light, «it was our Heavenly Father», she related. After experiencing heaven, Charlotte said that God also showed her what hell is like.

“After seeing the beauty of heaven, the contrast of seeing hell is almost unbearable. God said to me, ‘I show you this to tell you that if some of them don’t change their forms, this is where they will reside. You will have time to come back and tell them”, Charlotte added.

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