Filmmaker explains Christian references in DC Comics movies

Zack Snyder is the filmmaker who has directed several DC Comics movies. In an interview with The Guardian, Snyder spoke about the clues and references to Christianity that can be found in the DC Comics films that he has directed.

Asked why he used these references and if he did so intentionally, Snyder said DC Comics characters contain elements of Christianity. For example, in the character of Superman we find experiences that have already been described in the Bible, such as the resurrection.

On the other hand, to learn more about the influence of Christianity in DC Comics movies, we can analyze «Justice League.» In that movie you will see references to a devil and a hell in the character Darkseid.

Some of the DC Comics movies directed by Zack Snyder are Batman vs. Superman, Man of Steel, and League of Justice. Snyder has been away from the cinema because of the death of his daughter Autumn, who voluntarily ended her life in March 2017.

The last film directed by Zack Snyder was released on May 14 and in this film he also participated in the creation of the script. It is good to see that all is not lost in recent times and that there are still film productions that are not contaminated with the perverse agenda of recent times.

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