Production company collaborator who portrayed Jesus as gay dies in attempted assault

Cadu Barcellos, a Brazilian director and producer who collaborated with Porta dos Fundos, a production company that launched a humorous special last year that portrayed Jesus as gay, was stabbed to death at dawn on Wednesday, November 11, 2020 in what appeared to be an attempted assault.

In addition to collaborating with Porta dos Fundos, Barcellos was an assistant director on the program Greg News, from actor and writer Gregorio Duvivier on HBO.

According to the information provided, Barcellos was leaving Pedra do Sal in a vehicle that a friend of his requested through a transport application and got off a few kilometers, near a subway entrance in the center of Rio, where the alleged assault occurred.

According to other information on the G1 website, Barcellos was seen yelling for help at 3:30 local time (6:30 GMT) and fell to the ground a few meters later.

According to the Military Police of Rio, they were alerted about the event and approached to the place, where they found the lifeless body of Barcellos.

There is an open investigation by the Homicide Department to clarify the causes of the homicide and find the person who carried it out. The expert report found «injuries caused by a sharp instrument, especially in the chest region».

William Oliveira, in statements to G1, said «Cadu was killed possibly because of a cell phone, a Riocard (Rio transport pass) and a handful of reales».

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