New offensive video against Christians prepared by Porta dos Fundos

Porta dos Fundos is a Brazilian production company that gave a lot to talk about in late 2019 and early 2020 for having produced a Christmas special where they presented Jesus as gay.

Fábio Porchat,  director, actor and founder of the aforementioned production company recently said that they are preparing another Christmas special against Christians. They will be launching this video on YouTube. He also said that they will not sit idly by the criticism that the previous video generated.

The new video will be called «Theocracy in Vertigo», and in the same they will treat religious subjects. Porchat added:

“And if they try to intimidate us by saying that we can’t say anything, that we shouldn’t talk about this issue, you should know that on December 10th will open the Porta dos Fundo Christmas special on YouTube called ‘Teocracia em Vertigem’. Stay tuned because we are not keeping quiet. We will not shut up”.

Last year Porchat said that if Jesus would return at this time He would do so as gay, transvestite, black, and would have died in three days:

“So that Jesus is gay doesn’t testify against Jesus. Unlike. I am sure that if Jesus returned, and I am sure that he already tried, he would have returned gay, transvestite, female, black and would have died in three days, not 33 years”.

Porchat’s earlier statements sparked a lot of criticism against the Porta dos Fundos video.

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