107-year-old woman reveals her secret: «I do what the Bible tells me»

Adell Julie Thompson turned 107 years old in October, and revealed that the key to a long life is being a follower of Christ.

Adell was born in 1915 and said that in her lifetime she has lived through many experiences, starting with the stock market crash of 1929, through World War II and into the events that engulf the world today.

When asked about the key to living so many years she replied: «I do what the Bible tells me to do». She also added: «I didn’t dream of reaching 107 years old, but the Lord forgave me. I always try to do the right thing, so people don’t have anything to say, about me.»

Adell has three children, six grandchildren, and fourteen great-grandchildren. For her 107th birthday celebration on October 10, her family threw him a parade.

About her longevity she also said: «The secret is God living in me.»

Other people who lived long and attributed it to God

Other people who have lived many years have also attributed this feat to God. For example, a U.S. World War II veteran by the name of Lawrence Brooks, when he turned 112 years old, said he accomplished it by «loving God and loving others.» Brooks departed with the Lord in January 2022.

The oldest woman in the United States died at age 116 in 2021. Her name was Hester Ford, and she summed up her life by saying, «I live for the Lord.»

Martha Bailey also turned 100 in early 2022 and said that «loving the Lord» is what made her live so long:

The secret is the grace of God, living in me, and trying to live the best life I can. The secret is to love the Lord.

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