God’s not dead 5 scheduled for release in 2023

Pure Flix and Pinnacle Peak Pictures announced the fifth installment of the «God’s Not Dead» franchise and will be titled «God’s Not Dead: Rise up.»

David A.R. White, producer and actor of the «God’s Not Dead» saga, who plays Reverend Dave in the franchise, said:

This is a new chapter in the ‘God’s Not Dead’ franchise and we can’t wait to share this with all the fans. I’m still humbled, eight years later, that this type of movie and this message resonates with so many people. The legacy and impact of ‘God’s Not Dead’ is undeniable and I’m so proud and honored to be a part of this movement.

This announcement was made via a special red carpet screening thanking Pure Flix members at the AMC Century City in Los Angeles. David A.R. White was joined by Dean Cain, Isaiah Washington, Cory Oliver and Brad Heller, stars of the franchise.

Dean Cain, who played Marc in the first «God’s Not Dead» movie, and will return for the fifth installment, said:

I’ve been drawn to faith and family projects, like ‘God’s Not Dead,’ since my son was born. I wanted to be able to bring him to work with me and have him walk away with a positive and uplifting message. I’m blessed to come back and be a part of the ‘God’s Not Dead’ legacy – it’s such a moving message and challenge to audiences to get them thinking about the difference they can make in their communities and country.

David A.R. White, Dean Cain, Isaiah Washington, Ray Wise, Cory Oliver and Brad Heller reprise their roles in the new «God’s Not Dead: Rise up,» set to shoot in late 2022 in South Carolina. Harold Cronk, who directed the first two «God’s Not Dead» films, will return to direct «God’s Not Dead 5.»

Actor Isaiah Washington, who played Rep. Daryl Smith «God’s Not Dead 4» and will reprise that character in «God’s Not Dead 5» said:

It’s important to me to be involved in projects that will resonate with an audience for a long time after they’ve seen it and that’s exactly what the ‘God’s Not Dead’ franchise is about. It’s about calling people to use their talents and be of service in their communities in a way that is unique to them.

According to PureFlix, here’s what you have to expect in this fifth installment of «God’s Not Dead.»:

When a favored incumbent suddenly suspends his candidacy for Congress, an embittered but brilliant campaign strategist is lured out of retirement and convinces Reverend Dave Hill to run for office. The race pits them both against formidable opponents from their past, each with plans to inexorably remove religion’s influence on public policy. Set against a backdrop of unprecedented political, civil and spiritual unrest, Dave struggles to answer an increasingly relevant question of our time: Is God dead in American politics?

«God Is Not Dead: Arise» is scheduled for release in 2023 although they did not disclose the exact date.

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