Woman steals Bible, converts after reading it

Jamianne M. Roy, a resident of Arizona, United States, has an unusual conversion testimony. It so happens that Jamianne stole a Bible from a car and was converted after reading it.

Jamianne suffered from methamphetamine addiction since the age of 18 and stole money and valuables from vehicles to buy the illicit substances. In one such theft, believing she had stolen a laptop, she took a Bible. She recounts:

The one thing I stole that I thought was worthless ended up saving my life.

Jamianne became addicted to drugs in general as a teenager with cigarettes, alcohol and marijuana. She started using methamphetamine after giving birth to her daughter.

She says that the first time she used methamphetamine she liked it. When she became more dependent on that drug, Jamianne lost the ability to be a mother, and left her daughter with her parents, while she continued to destroy her own life with drugs.

Thanks to her second pregnancy, she was able to regain sobriety, but relapsed when the girl’s father abandoned her.

In order to move on, she moved to Tucson, taking her youngest daughter with her, reuniting with her parents and her oldest daughter, but unfortunately she was unable to kick the addiction, so she abandoned the family and sent the youngest daughter to live with her father.

Things were getting worse, as she started using crack and had a romantic relationship with a drug dealer, living with him and getting arrested during a police raid.

After serving her sentence, she got back into a relationship with the father of her youngest daughter but went back to using and dealing drugs.

She lived with her daughter in a garage with no running water, so the Guardianship Council removed her daughter from her custody.

Now without her daughters by her side, Jamianne began prostituting herself and stealing to get money so she could use illegal substances. That’s when she ended up stealing the Bible: «I read stories of how God helped people like me,» she recalls.

After reading the Bible, Jamianne wrote a prayer asking God for help. Her brother called her to tell her she could find help at Arizona Teen Challenge.

«It was the first time I was honest about my vice with someone in my family,» Jamianne said.

That’s when she headed to the recovery center in February 2015 and her life changed completely.

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