3 strange apps to help you «fight sin»

An iPhone 3G ad campaign in 2009 used the slogan «There’s An App For That,» which meant that for just about anything you could imagine, the iPhone had an app for it. Time has passed and there are apps that you wouldn’t even imagine someone would come up with, and that’s why we will present you below three strange apps to combat sin.

NOTE: We present the following information in an informative way, they are not recommendations, it is always good to pray to God and seek the help of spiritual advisors to be able to fight sin effectively.

1. Application to fight against p0rn0gr@pphy

How can an application help to fight p0rn0gr@pphy. Well, there is an app called Covenant Eyes that promises to help you live without p0rn0gr@pphy. On the app’s website it states:

The Covenant Eyes app allows you to be free through transparency. The app installs silently on all your devices, monitors your screen activity and provides protection through locking. Install it on all devices you need to monitor.

The Covenant Eyes app is installed on the devices you want to monitor for p0rn0gr@ph1c activity and will detect and block such content. Another companion app called «The Victory App» is installed on the device of a trusted person who will receive alerts when Covenant Eyes has detected activity.

2. App to combat m@sturb@t10n

There is an app called Fortify which, in addition to helping combat p0rn0gr@pphy like the previous app, goes much further and in this app users can indicate the last time they m@sturb@t3d. The app also helps users with different goals like exercising, eating healthy, organizing their day, etc. It also allows users to connect with allies and therapists.

3. If you have this other app installed, you will think twice before visiting any web page.

Accountable2You Monitoring is an app that (I quote from that app’s App Store listing): «monitors browsing activity on your device and allows you to share reports with accountability partners of your choice, making it easier to resist temptation and live with integrity.» This app collects title information from all the pages you browse using any browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc). It doesn’t matter if you are browsing in incognito or private mode, the information is sent to the person you choose to receive this information.

Security and privacy issues

As you may have noticed, in order for these applications to do their job they must collect and send certain information that many would not be comfortable sharing. In fact, Covenant Eyes and Accountable2You have had problems with the Play Store and have been removed from the Play Store for violating Google Play’s service policies.

That said, we repeat what we said in the second paragraph of this article, the best thing to help combat these evils is prayer and the help of someone spiritual who can help us out.

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