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This Wordpress plugin ables you automatically display the most commented posts by categories or tag. In adition, you can manually select the category or tag that you want to display its most commented posts:


Easy configuration through widget:


Download here its most stable release:


  1. Unzip and upload to the plugins folder  (located in /wp-content/plugins/).
  2. Active the plugin from Wordpress administration panel.

Manual Usage:

If you want to add the plugin output directly in your code:

WpPopularPostsTool::ti_popular_posts($num, $my_id=0, $begin='<ul>', $end='</ul>', $pre='<li>', $suf='</li>', $mode=1, $disableComments=0, $barsLocation=0);

$num: Number of entries to display

$my_id: The id of the category or tag you want to display its most commented posts. If you leave it empty, the plugin will automatically detect if you are in the categories or tags archive and will display mosts commented posts for that category or tag. If you are in a single posts, then will display the most popular posts for the first category of thata entry. If none of the above conditions are found, then the plugin will display the mosts comented posts at general level.

$begin: html tag that will appear at the begin of the list. If leave it empty, will be <ul> by default

$end: html tag that will appear at the end of the list. If leave it empty, will be </ul> by default

$pre: html Tag that will appear at the begin of each list element. If leave it empty, will be <li> by default

$suf: html Tag that will appear at the end of each list element. If leave it empty, will be </li> by default

$mode: 0 for normal mode, 1 for graphic mode

$disableComments: 1 if you don’t want to display the comments quantity

$barsLocation: Controls the position of the bars in graphical mode


<?php if(class_exists(WpPopularPostsTool)):
endif; ?>

The above example shows a lists with the five most popular posts.

If liked this plugin and it has been useful and you’d like promote its development, you can contribute with a generous donation. Thanks:

46 Responses to Plugin Popular Posts Tool


    Hello and thanks a lot for sharing the popular posts


    Thank you for this nice WordPress Plugin! I’ve been looking for this.


    Hi Teo,

    Great plugin. But please, think about adding time interval to the filter, that way you’ll be able to see the most commented posts of the day, week, month or year.

    What do you think about it?



    Thank you for this nice WordPress Plugin! I’ve been looking for this.
    I will try this now on my Blog.


    We use your tool at a page which adresses the problem of warning letters in Germany. We are really impressed how easy it is now for our users to find our polpular posts.


    Hay alguna forma de incluir el texto (nombre del post) dentro de la barras de colores? como tiene el siguiente blog:
    Muchas gracias!

    • Gracias por tu comentario. Ya había visto eso y me gustó mucho. En cualquier momento lanzo una actualización para incluir esa opción.


        OK, pero por el momento no es posible, no?


    Teo, First of all, thanks for this wonderfull widget. It works very well
    I do have one problem… i can’t theme it… my others widgets are working with the theme. I take a look at the html code of the printed page and i notice that the widget doesn’t print the divs that i assign in the functions.php of my theme. It is a problem of my code or is your widget?

    feel free to send me an email if you want to take a look in my website.

    Thanks in advance and i’m sorry to bother you.

    • If your code is ok you don’t need to do anything to stylish the plugin. Check the implementation at The plugin is in the footer. Basically you should apply style to the ul and li in your widget div.


        ok, i did a workarround, and it works perfect.
        now, when you insert the code directly to the “sidebar.php” file for example, you can set the amount of posts that the widget displays… is there a way to activate the graphical bars and the icons for the “comments” text when inserting the code?

        Thanks for the previous answer 😀

        • WpPopularPostsTool::ti_popular_posts($num, $my_id=0, $begin=”, $end=”, $pre=”, $suf=”, $mode=1, $disableComments=0, $barsLocation=0);

          Where $mode=1 turns on graphical mode.


            Great! Thank you very much, now the plugin it’s working flawlessly ;D

            I will put the link of your site in my “thanks” page and when i can, i will make a donation.

            Thanks Again!


      You’re right, the plugin fails to provide the final closing tag. Perhaps it’s my theme? But no other plugins used as widgets act like this.


    Nice Plugin, I use it on various pages. Great work, keep up the good work. 🙂


    looks useful. I’ll give it a try when I config a wp site. thx a lot.


    Great plugin! I tried it with one of my blogs and it works just fine. Thanks for this a lot!


    Looks like a great tool, i will test it right now!



    Do you have a plugin that displays by page views instead of comments


    Thank you! I will try this now on my blog.

    Best Regards


    I cant find your facebook button.


    Teo, thank you for this plugin. I have a quick question. Is it acceptable if I remove “# Popular posts Tool for WordPress by Teofilo Israel” from the list of popular posts? I should be able to edit the code to do it myself but wanted to check with you first. ¡Gracias!

    • Everybody wants to remove the watemark but nobody makes a contribution


    i have a problem since 2.0 release. I use the widget and with version 1.1.3 the title had always h2 tag. Now with version 2.0 the h2 tag is deleted.

    • I’m so sorry. I just fixed that. In next update your h2 will be back.


    This plugin is exactly what I was looking for except for one problem. It seems this plugin can only be used once! When I drag it to a sidebar it disappears from the Available Widgets box. I need to use this plugin on several different sidebars.

    If you can fix this I will definitely send a generous donation. Really I will! : )

    • Hello, I have updated the plugin with your sugestion. You should see the new version shortly.


        Thank you! I look forward to using the latest version!


    cool widget. thx a lot. I will try it when I finished the wp installation.



    my first comment doesn’t appeat. I just want to say thank you. I will try it and give a comment back.

    I tell you asap.

    Best Regards

    • You’re welcome.


    Thanks, I will try this for my blog!


    Super plugin!
    I found a bug, archive.php page is not displayed if the accent is on behalf of the category.
    How can I fix it?
    Excuse me, but I do not speak the English language.

    • Thanks, I will check it.


    Thanks. I will try this for my blog. My blog is about ciopyright and copyright infringements in Europe, especially Germany (In German: Abmahnung wegen Urheberrechtsverletzungen). Bye


    Ive got a question, is it alright to remove the credit in the widget, but add it to a credits page?

    • You can do whatever you want, but remember it will be appear each time you upgrade :D. Anyway, I’m thinking remove it, don’t worry.


    Hey, thanks for the plugin.
    I found a bug. The plugin also shows inactive posts and posts from the trash.

    • Thanks for your comment. I will try to fix it in next version (very soon).

    • Hey!, y I have just fixed the bug. You should see an upgrade notice in your wordpress plugin admin panel. Thanks for your comment!!!!.


    Hey thanx a lot for sharing the popular posts


    The download link is broken.


    Thank you! I will try this now.



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