Policewoman detains elderly woman and saves her life: «God put me there for a reason»

Sometimes «bad» things happen to us that end up being good because they save us from something worse. This is the case of an elderly woman who had been missing for days and was saved when she was stopped by a police officer.

Officer Constance Lake was making her daily run in Columbia, South Carolina when she stopped a vehicle carrying a woman in a very suspicious situation, as she was being followed by another car for quite some time.

According to reports, one of the cars had a broken light while the other was following very closely from a traffic light. The officer considered letting the one with the broken light go, but an illegal right turn caused her to get out of the patrol car and detain the woman on board to investigate why she made such a maneuver. Officer Lake said:

I ended up pulling her over. If I’m not mistaken, the 2100 block of Taylor Street, which is Taylor and Harden. She was right in front of the traffic light.

He spoke to the woman and realized she was very elderly, so he asked her for her documents, to which the woman replied she did not possess any, then the officer realized the lady was reported missing several days ago in the state. She added:

We ended up getting her name. We located her, checked the vehicle and immediately knew she was a missing person from North Carolina.

Officer Lake learned that 81-year-old Brenda Thomas had a silver alert issued by North Carolina officials to find her after she went missing on Sunday, Aug. 28, 2022.

Lake said nothing happens by chance, and she knew that for some reason, God put her in that place:

I believe strongly in God, and I know God had me in that block range for a reason. He didn’t have me stop that car for a reason. I really felt aligned with my God at that moment. That things happen for a reason, and I’m glad I listened.

We give thanks and glory to God for stories like this that reaffirm our faith and believe that God is always looking out for His children. Let us pray for Officer Lake to continue doing God’s will, and ask God for more men and women who will always do His will.

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