Christian app donates Bibles for downloads

Amém Irmão is a Christian social network in Brazil launched in December 2020. Since February 2021, to increase the downloads of its app and to encourage Christians to support evangelization missions, the application promises to donate a Bible for evangelization missions in needy countries for every 25 new downloads of the application. The goal is that by April 2021, 500 Bibles have already been donated.

That is, just by downloading this app for free, either in the App Store or in the Play Store, your download is counted and you are already helping to donate a Bible in a country where a Christian mission is needed.

On the home page of the Amém Irmão social network you will find stories of improvement, testimonies and stories of miracles. Among the features offered by Amém Irmão you will find:

  • Online bible
  • Specific consultation of extracts from the Bible
  • Highlight your favorite parts of the Bible
  • Community prayer requests section
  • Group talks between users

Through a monthly or annual subscription, Amém Irmão offers the premium version of the application with more features.

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