«God is dead» says French magazine referring to Maradona’s death

Up to what point can humans idolize other humans? The answer is that they do so to the point of wanting to elevate certain personalities to the status of gods.

On the cover of the November 26, 2020 publication of the print version of the French magazine L’Equipe, a large photo of the recently deceased soccer star Diego Armando Maradona appears and next to him the phrase Dieu est mort (God is dead).

Dios está muerto - Publica revista francesa sobre Maradona

Diego Armando Maradona died on Wednesday, November 25 from a cardiorespiratory arrest. It is said that Diego Armando Maradona may have been the greatest player in history and there is debate as to which was better, Maradona or Pelé.

Beyond his indisputable dominance on the soccer field and other areas of life, you can see how people idolize him, as most of the reactions to the aforementioned cover is as if they agree that Maradona is a god:

Dios está muerto - Maradona - Revista L equipe Twitter

In the previous image we can see how a Twitter user responds «Magnificent» to the publication of L’Equipe showing the cover where they say that «God is dead» because Maradona died. Another Twitter user also responds by stating that Maradona is «a god»:

Dios está muerto - Maradona - Revista L equipe Twitter 2

But people also appear considering this to be blasphemy:

Dios está muerto - Maradona - Revista L equipe Twitter 3

In the previous image, a user responds «Supreme blasphemy», and other users respond to him that it is not blasphemy because they are talking about the «god of soccer». We would like you to leave us a comment with your opinion on this topic.

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